Stronger ties with Indonesia

The Morrison Government is delivering opportunities for trade and investment with Indonesia. Here’s what that means for you.

More opportunities for exporters

Indonesia is the largest economy in South-East Asia.

Within the next two years, 99% of Australian goods exported to Indonesia will enter duty free. 

Our $16.4 billion relationship will be able to grow and benefit Australian businesses under significantly preferential arrangements.

Opportunities for agriculture

Our $2.4 billion agricultural relationship will grow with new duty free access for cattle starting this year.

Over the coming years, tariffs on key exports are being reduced or, in many cases, will be entirely eliminated. 

Import permits will now be automatically issued — meaning Australian exporters will face less barriers to getting their goods to market.

Opportunities for services

Our $5.3 billion services relationship will also grow with significant liberalisation of  the education sector — an export valued at over $800 million. Indonesia’s demand for Australian service operations — in particular, for hotels and resorts — will be met with significant market access allowing 100% Australian-owned hotels to open across Indonesia.

More opportunities for young Australians

60% of the Indonesian population are aged below 35, and our trade relationship has grown with Indonesia by 5% annually in the past decade. This deal means that the largest economy in South-east Asia will now enjoy strong bilateral ties with Australia and open growing new markets for Australians.

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